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Sector B – General Directorate of Shipping

Sector B

The General Directorate of Shipping takes care of the planning of the shipping policy and the handling of seafaring shipping issues, especially for the attraction of ships in the Greek register, the establishment, establishment and operation of shipping companies, the coordination of issues at the national level of the Integrated Maritime Policy, ensuring the safety of navigation, the creation, operation and support of maritime traffic monitoring systems in the areas of responsibility of H.C.G., the taking of preventive and repressive measures for the protection of the marine environment and the provision of a marine network cabotage. To achieve these objectives, the Division directs and controls the work of its affiliated organizational units and includes the following Directorates:

a) Directorate for Shipping

b) Navigation Safety Directorate

c) Navy Training Directorate

d) Seafarers' Labour Directorate

e) Marine Transport Directorate

f) Marine Environment Protection Directorate