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Log files and cookies policy


Log files

During your visit to the portal, certain data are automatically collected from our server and recorded in special files (log files).

The following information is recorded in log files for each request to the site's server from the visitor / user's browser:

the IP address of the visitor / user, which is his personal data, even if we cannot identify him/her based on this information,

the date and time of execution of each request for data transfer between browser and server (https request) for the operation of the https protocol,

the server response code along with the https protocol call parameters (https response),

the server response time in ms to each request and

the type of browser through which the request was made.

The above data is collected to control the security of information and services of Hellenic Coast Guard, to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information and data from accidental or illegal or malicious actions or events, to investigate any cyber-attacks and incidents and to support any relevant legal claims.

The purpose of storing this information is to control the security of the information and services of the portal, to ensure the ability to investigate any cyber-attacks and incidents and to support any relevant legal claims.

Cookies policy

"Cookies" are small pieces of information (files), in the form of plain text, that are stored on the user's computer (or other devices with Internet access, such as a smartphone or tablet) when visiting any web page. "Cookies" do not cause any damage to the user's computer nor to the files stored on it. Without them the user's personal preferences would be impossible to store.

When you visit the portal, only the Cookies that are necessary for its operation are used. Specifically, our website uses a cookie named youtube_consent to record your consent to the appearance of the videos we host on the YouTube website.

It should be understood that if you consent to the appearance of the videos, it is possible that the YouTube website will install additional cookies and trackers on your computer as described in the terms of use of the service. Our Service is not related to the installation and use of these cookies nor does it collect relevant information nor is there a way for them not to be installed on your computer because the content is posted on the specific service. With the cookie youtube_consent used by our website, only the user's choice to enable or not the display of videos from YouTube is saved.

How to manage and delete "Cookies"

The menus of most browsers provide options on how to manage "Cookies". Depending on the options given to the users by the browser, the user can enable the installation of "Cookies", disable / delete the existing "Cookies" or be notified every time he receives "Cookies". Instructions for managing and deleting cookies are usually found in the "Help", "Tools" or "Edit" menu of each browser. Also, the user can find more detailed guidance at, which explains in detail how to check and delete "Cookies" files in most browsers.

The user should be aware that, in case of rejecting or disabling the Cookies of the website, the functionality of the websites may be partially lost. Also, disabling a "Cookie" or a "Cookies" category does not delete the corresponding file from the browser. Such an action should be performed by the user himself, modifying the internal functions of the browser he uses.

More information on how to manage cookies and log files of all electronic applications of our Agency.