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Detection and seizure of large quantities of drugs on the islands of Rhodes and Megisti


On Thursday 13/01/2022 at noon, during a patrol carried out, two sacks were found and collected at distance of about 100 metres between them, by the Officers of the regional drug prosecution team of the security office of the Central Port Authority of Rhodes. The two sacks were found and collected in the coastal area of “ Kato Petries’’ of the island of Rhodes, a total of 90 plastic packages with pills type ‘’CAPTAGON’’, possibly drugs. Some of them have been damaged due the influx of seawater. Their total quantity is estimated at 181.000 pieces.

The same day at noon, the Central Port Authority of Rhodes was informed by the Port Station of Megisti that 40 packages of pills, possibly drugs ,were also found with an estimated total quantity of 80.000 pieces. No further drugs have been found by the Port Authorities.

It is noted that the above packages bore an external logo with ‘’swastika’’ symbol.

Preliminary investigation is carried out by the Central Port Authority of Rhodes.

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